Brooke Hutchison loves food, and the healing it can bring to people who really need it. She’s got story, character, and a heart for genuine, honest nutrition. And geez, does her Instagram feed make us hungry.

Brooke came to us looking for an honest, heartfelt look for her nutritional practice in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. She wanted something that would tell a warm caring story as soon as you saw it. Take a look at what we created to help her tell that story.


Create a brand that has deep roots, a passionate story to tell, with a ton of character and warmth. Something that was just as comforting to look at as the services that Brooke provides.


Brooke wanted to make sure that her brand had as much character as possible, she wanted it to look like it had a story to tell, and a healthy honest one at that. We developed out the idea of what we called “Farmer’s sketches”. Rough doodles that you would find in a farmers notebook, sketched after a long days work, sitting on the front porch as the sun goes down. Sounds cool right?

We wanted the artwork to be fairly realistic, who knows what a vegetable looks like better than a veggie farmer! After playing with a few different styles we landed on one that was somewhere between a rough sketch and a detailed drawing. We thought this had a ton of character, was easy to comprehend, and looked really authentic. Onward!


After we developed our art style with Brooke, we picked through our selection of sketches and chose the elements we liked best. Keeping in mind what was going to be useable compositionally (eggplants are not very cooperative).

Once we had the pieces we liked, we dropped them into photoshop and starting recreating these digitally. Thanks to our friends over at Retro Supply Co, this was a ton of fun. Using the Spaceranger brush kit, we achieved a super real and authentic look, while giving us fully digital files.



We we’re really excited about how the sketches were turning out, so we started laying out some type and composition options to see how things would sit visually. After some thought we decided we didn’t like how clean the designs were, we were pulling some of the character away from our initial sketches. So we took another approach. Scroll for more!


We took out the masking that we’d applied to our sketches, and let them breathe a little bit. Creating a rougher, more natural and unique composition with the pieces. We then took a rough brush lettered style typeface (Betterfly by Blessed Print) and composed Brooke Hutch Co. in front. What’s left is a beautifully unique brand that shows tons of character, and has a warm heartfelt story to share with you. A brand you’d want to sit down to lunch with.

Stories from the Client

A few words from Brooke on her experience working with Reflect Design:
“Zach was great to work with. His style is refreshing – creative, detail oriented, kind and patient. Despite having never met and being half way across the country I felt supported throughout the process and found our communications to be both pleasant and efficient. I will totally work with Zach again in the future.”