Case Study No.047

Branding Identity & Illustration


Los Angeles based Twitch streamer Status Chance is building a streaming community that’s all about positive vibes and bringing people together.

James at Status Chance came to me looking for a way to give some visual representation to community he had created on Twitch. Through a strategic brand identity creation and some illustration system development, together we did just that.


James wanted to develop an entire illustration system and animation style for his brand, so we needed an anchor point to tie it all together, show the brand’s vision, and lay a foundation. The final mark is a S and a C connecting while in motion. The simple intriguing symbol represents a community that is connected by the stuff they all share in common: all coming together on James’ channel!


With the main mark established, the type style and an illustration system were developed out of it. Shown below is a system of icons and alternate marks used to deepen the brand narrative, creating a unified visual experience across the board.

“Working with Zach was such a pleasure. As a graphic designer myself, I had a very specific vision in mind for the branding I wanted for my Twitch channel. Not only did Zach come up with creative and well thought out solutions, but he surpassed my expectations on every single item he presented. Whether it was custom animations, illustrations, or a logo, Zach alway clearly described his thought process, letting me know that every stylistic choice was carefully considered. I can’t wait to see what other amazing creations Zach comes up with in the future, as I fully intend on working with him whenever I need to grow my brand in new and exciting ways.”