Mandy Bessie came to us to create a brand to market her Nutritional Expertise. She wanted a brand that had warm, welcoming qualities while still being current and modern. Currently residing in Kelowna, British Columbia, Mandy specializes in transitioning families from standard meals to full vibrant nutrition. She wanted the face she showed her clients to show her personality and tell her story.

Lets do it.


Create a brand that is warm and welcoming, while maintaining a modern look with a little bit of a rugged natural feel. Fresh. Current & Heartwarming.


Originally we were developing the fork with an earthy herb growing on one end.
The initial colour palette we were working with was also a lot more earthy.

Mandy brought us the name “The Nourishing Fork” which led to a whole lot of brainstorming and development into what a good iconic look for this brand would be. We really wanted to make sure that the name really meshed well with the visuals that it was partnered with. As with any brand, the visuals are just as important as the wording. If something feels disjointed or out of place people won’t relate to it.

Here you can see an initial draft with a fork that develops into an herb like shape. This is also featuring a different colour palette than the final piece.


Once we worked through the first drafts we had a few things decided:

  1. We really like the typography, that would stay the same.
  2.  We liked the fork and the direction it was headed, but wanted it to be more relatable to nutritional health rather than herbal healing
  3. The colour palette was a bit too earthy, and needed a highlight colour to brighten it up a bit.

Once we had these few points the rest came pretty quickly. We changed the fork shape into a beat sprout, and added some purple to our palette to go with the beet concept. The purple also helped to brighten up the palette! 2 birds with 1 stone.

You can compare the images to see the progression through the process.



Building from the foundation we created, We developed a full branding package for Mandy to keep a consistent aand professional look across all of the products and pieces that clients see. Telling her story and showing her character through every client interaction, while also giving the client a sense of familiarity with the brand. This included letterhead, web graphics, business cards, and logo alternates. Check it out!

Stories from the Client

A few words from Mandy after working with us

“Zach from Reflect Design is an excellent graphic designer and collaborator. He is extremely creative with great visual and technical sensibility and was very patient in allowing the design process to unfold organically.”

To check out The Nourishing Fork and the awesome work Mandy is doing: