Case Study No.048

Responsive Branding Design, Lettering, Illustration & Product Design


Fire Hall Kitchen & Tap is a gastropub housed inside Cranbrook BC’s 90 year old heritage Fire Hall!

The Fire Hall team came to me looking for a way to visually represent their gastropub dream. I had the pleasure of providing identity creation, product design and creative direction throughout the entire building reno/construction process. The team and I crafted a brand identity that shows their personality, while paying tribute to every era their heritage building has lived through.


The badge uniquely represents growth, new ideas and the personality of the Fire Hall’s owners Jesse & Fred. It also pays homage to the building their new venture is housed in. Tying together a bright, bold feel and rich symbolism, it creates underlying tie in’s to the fire hall heritage without being cheesy or gaudy.

A wheat branded tap handle, puts their love of craft beer front and centre. A closer look at the tap handle reveals a silhouette of the building’s roof line and the characters “F+H”, creating a nice association with the name and the building while maintaining a nice clean look.

Finally, to cap it all off, the whole thing is encapsulated in flame. Not only to represent the way the Fire Hall will extinguish your thirst with their huge selection of craft brews, but also to show the passion and drive that fuels the whole business.


To compliment the badge, custom type was drawn to add a bit of homage to the history of Cranbrook’s original Fire Hall. The main lettering is based on old typography found commonly in fire hall’s in the 20’s and 30’s. Due to lack of signage technology at the time, lots of fire hall’s would craft letters out of mortar brick for their exterior signs. This creates a type style lacking in any form of curve. The crew and I fell so in love with the type style, that I developed out a whole alphabet and custom font in this style which you’ll see across the brand. The “Kitchen & Tap” letters are drawn to match the letter style of the existing fire hall lettering that has been on the building since 1929.


Building on the type style from the main logo while also creating flexibility and variety in the brand, I created the Oval, the Stack and the Monogram. More custom marks & lettering pieces give the brand depth, character and high legibility no matter the situation.

60’s WAVE.

Making sure to infuse bits of each era the building has lived through into the brand, I created something that would hold symbolism from the 60’s-80’s. A classy script mark added a vintage, retro feel while staying in tact with the hand drawn style of the rest of the brand.


Rubber stamps and seals were a mainstay throughout the early periods of the fire hall, so I created a few custom marks to further deepen the brand narrative.


Keeping consistency across all the printed products, I developed a type system using a combination of historically inspired typefaces and the Fire Hall’s own custom typeface – Forged.  It provides a clear visual hierarchy and consistent legibility across menus, tap lists, flight cards & all other printed products.

All the type is inspired by period typography from the years the fire hall building has existed. It creates a timeless, historically accurate reading experience.


Accompanying the brand elements you touch are the brand elements that you see. I developed an illuminated signage system for the Fire Hall, keeping things classy and clean while providing all the info a customer needs – not to mention, looking good while doing it!


An integrated way finding system and interior signage provide a seamless experience between all the elements of the brand.


Custom wood elements, hand painted murals and other awesome small elements expand the brand narrative.


I created a merchandise line, giving people a way to show their Fire Hall pride and bring the brand experience with them anywhere.

My partners and I took on a huge project that had no business working out. That we made it out of the gate is due to the support, creativity, and general wizardry of Zach Silver. Zach was there for anything and everything our project needed, including marketing and business advice outside the realm of his contract. While we hired Zach because of his impressive portfolio and passion for design, we were completely unprepared for him to become one of the most influential people to touch our project. If I was thinking of doing another project, Zach wouldn’t just be a call, he’d be my first call (then the bank to beg for money).!


Select photos in this showcase by Alexander Slobodian & Nicole Bridgeo.